Lilith Viper

Lilith Viper is a collaboration between best friends, fashion graduate Lucy Carlson and tattooist/graphic design graduate Abby Drielsma. The amalgamation of tattoo design and fashion between the love of two friends resulted in the creation of the Self Love by Lilith Viper runway launch - a euphoric neon fantasy that plays with a dichotomy of beauty and vulgarity through flowing silks and skin-tight, garish pvc.

Lilith Viper merges Lucy’s fashion design skills with Abby’s illustration and creative direction. It is both classically romantic, drawing inspiration from past eras, as well as modern and unexpected. The label explores dreamy, feminine, delicate silhouettes, juxtaposed with sexy, edgy and raw elements that when combined give the brand a unique point of view.

Love Lucy & Abby



Lilith Viper Launch



Self Love Runway shot by Cale Rodriguez